Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Internships are carried out in accordance with Faculty procedure for implementation and reporting of curricular internships. (format:  docx, rozmiar:  39 KB)

Mandatory documents:

  1. Indication of the place for curricular internship (Appendix 1) (format:  docx, rozmiar:  25 KB)
  2. Permission for professional internship implementation in ZUT in Szczecin (Appendix 2) (format:  docx, rozmiar:  25 KB) or Permission for professional internship implementation (Appendix 4) (format:  docx, rozmiar:  26 KB)
  3. Agreement on implementation of a professional internship (Appendix 5)  (format:  docx, rozmiar:  32 KB)
  4. Referral for a professional internship (Appendix 6)  (format:  docx, rozmiar:  24 KB)
  5. Internship logbook (Appendix 7)  (format:  docx, rozmiar:  20 KB)

Additional documents:

    6. Permission for change the date of professional internship implementation (Appendix 3) (format:  docx, rozmiar:  27 KB)

    7. Certificate of professional experience (Appendix 8) (format:  docx, rozmiar:  26 KB)

    8. Intern questionnaire (Appendix 9)  (format:  docx, rozmiar:  25 KB)